Softly juxtaposing the beauty of soul-driven performance and melody, with the often-relentless ache and uncertainty of living, the enchanting sound of Wall Side illuminates the true experiences of a life lived on the lines between turmoil and peace.”

Wall Side

a sound united by strength of song writing and purposeful reflection.

From Peter songwriter and founder of The Ardents, art-pop venture Wall Side brings both professionalism and heart to modern Electro-Pop and RnB. The project introduces the sublime vocals of 24-year-old Ukrainian Liliya.


Founded along the line between experience and passion, Wall Side fuses historical depth and uninhibited creativity, for a debut album celebrating truthful observations amidst the escapism and unity of music.

Backed by a debut single in honour of the heart-breaking situation in Ukraine, ‘Where Did You Go’ adopts the perspective of a local person ensnared in the turmoil.

Liliya brings these issues and observations to light in a divinely genuine and faultlessly melodic manner. 

All proceeds from Where Did You Go will be donated to British-Ukrainian Aid, and the video will be featured on the charity's website

Wall Side continued to further their reach with the likes of singles ‘Nothing I deserve’ and ‘Feeling like Dido’, expanding on an eclectic catalogue to forever underline a versatile and uninhibited love for music in all of its forms.

Then came ‘Forever Daffodils’, an ambient, gentle jazz soundscape backing delicate harmonies and poetic imagery, to openly reflect upon life and longing. Stylish RnB vocals guide listeners through a creatively colourful arrangement, with long-form melodic progressions adding a freestyle element and ultimately delivering an authentically new sound.

For the single ‘Rainbows’, the Wall Side pulse remains, with trip-hop production and subtle hints of electric guitar holding close to a sense of calm, as Liliya presents another poetic deep-dive into emotion and human connection.

Where Did You Go


Wall Side is an original project fusing topical depth and evocative design.

The debut song Where Did You Go features stunningly soulful and passionate vocals from Ukrainian singer Liliya (meaning Lilly), who fortunately was able to relocate from Kharkiv to the relative safety of Kyiv when the attacks began, to continue making music.  

The release ultimately provides a heartfelt ode to the devastation and turmoil that Ukraine has been subjected to for well over a year now.  

All proceeds from Where Did You Go will be donated to British-Ukrainian Aid, and the video will be featured on the charity's Website.

Sublime vocals of nostalgic RnB expression and tone, guide us emotively into the retro synth ambiance and evocative depths of Where Did You Go, from Wall Side. 

Written out of a deep consideration for what daily life would be like amidst the chaos and uncertainty of Ukraine at this time, Where Did You Go adopts the perspective of a civilian slowly and increasingly losing contact with people they hold close. 

Emerging complete with a set of visuals directly relaying scenes from the war in Ukraine, of the loss and sadness imparted by it, Where Did You Go is undoubtedly a subtle yet striking ear-worm, and rightfully gets listeners feeling essential empathy for those trapped within the grip of it all. 



Where did you go


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Forever Daffodils. Smooth and sultry RnB paves the way for a story of thought-provoking depth, as Wall Side deliver yet another unexpectedly purposeful single. On the surface, an immersive trip-hop and RnB fusion of soulful vocal layers and intimate desires. Underneath this, however, we get the deeply revealing tale of Narcissus – a figure condemned to living a life of thirst whilst sitting by a river; water he would ultimately drown in. The story is that Narcissus rejected the advances of an admiring lady Echo, and in doing so was punished by Nemesis. He would later fall in love with his own reflection, after spending all of his time consumed by it, and after his death, a daffodil would grow in his place. A fascinating tale in and of itself, a poignant one with undeniable relevance to modern living, now brought to light in a uniquely musical and cleverly metaphorical fashion by Wall Side. Featuring something of a Jazz-kissed arrangement and stunningly delicate yet passionate vocals from Ukrainian singer Liliya, ‘Forever Daffodils’ continues to push the creative boundaries of song writing and structure, whilst connecting in a calming, enjoyably melodic and notably hypnotic manner. As we delve further into the artistic waves of their upcoming album, Wall Side tighten their grip on the scene with integrity and versatility stylishly intertwined. ”
Taking on a more mellow and emotive tone, the single ‘Rainbows’ draws focus to the organic aspect of Wall Side’s creative approach, fusing subtle layers of guitar and tripped rhythms as a long-form RnB vocal details the poetic imagery and personal reflections of the story. Given weight and warmth by an array of nostalgic harmonies, there’s a certain simplicity and clarity to this single that allows it a kind of breathy and thoughtful mood. The vibe suits the subject matter and the humble celebration of finding love and happiness in a way that’s naturally relatable and comforting to escape into. At around the half-way point the energy shifts somewhat, the soundscape evolves - that vocal remains but suddenly seems elevated in a whole new way. In short, the very design of the track showcases the true effect of music and voice when connected by different threads – exploring the artistic approach as with previous releases, and celebrating the oneness and intimacy of the lyrics in a refreshingly new way. The art-pop RnB force that is Wall Side are drip-feeding their audience new releases from an upcoming album, each one reminding us of vocalist Liliya’s unwavering ability to sound both authentic and skilful in relaying the melodies and topics of the writing. ‘Rainbows’ no doubt appears suited to the late-night appreciation of a significant other, a contemporary love song perhaps, with a welcomed edge of calm to contrast the vibrancy and even heartache of previous songs. ”

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