Where Did You Go

 Providing a heartfelt ode to the devastation and turmoil that Ukraine has been subjected to for well over a year now. 

The life of civilians has been severely affected by the war.

At least 12 million people have fled their homes, and 1.6 million Ukrainian citizens, including 260,000 children, were deported from their homes to Russia  – often to isolated regions in the Far East.

‘Where Did You Go’ adopts the perspective of a local person ensnared in the turmoil.

Still living in The Ukraine, Liliya makes the ideal performer for this song, bringing these issues and observations to light in a divinely genuine and faultlessly melodic manner.

 Sublime vocals of nostalgic RnB expression and tone, guide us emotively into the retro synth ambiance and evocative depths of

 Where Did You Go. 

Written out of Peter's deep consideration for what daily life would be like amidst the chaos and uncertainty of Ukraine at this time, Where Did You Go adopts the perspective of a civilian slowly and increasingly losing contact with people they hold close. 


Where Did You Go features stunningly soulful and passionate vocals from Ukrainian singer Liliya, who fortunately was able to relocate from Kharkiv to the relative safety of Kyiv when the attacks began. 

All proceeds from Where Did You Go will be donated to British-Ukrainian Aid charity